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The method to my madness

Posted by [email protected] on April 18, 2014 at 1:45 AM

I have never really given much thought to what prompted me to ever want to become a writer... While cleaning out the back of my closet I now remember how it all possibly got started.


When I was seven or eight I was a huge G.I. Joe nut. I had the toys, I read the comics and I rushed home from school to watch the cartoons. Even now as a middle-aged adult I'm still reading the comics and even collecting the toys from my youth.


But it wasn't the comics or the toys that I found in the back of my closet which kickstarted my mind on this subject, It was the large box that contained two massive binders, an orange folder and two college ruled spiral bound notebooks. All of which was packed with what now would be termed "G.I. Joe fan fiction".


It certainly was a blast from the past and something that I hadn't thought about in easily twenty years or more. I must have compiled all this massive "work" from between ages eight or nine until about fourteen or so. It certainly wasn't Hemingway but it wasn't that bad for someone so young.


I spent several hours reading it and laughing to myself. You see how I remember this all getting starting was that I had written a story... probably like two pages or something involving some conflict or battle and then I worked backwards from there. Meaning that I wrote the story that preceded this story and then the one that led up to that one and so on and so on. I wrote all this basically in reverse.


The reason I find this funny and wanted to share it with everyone is that to this day that is my method for writing - working in reverse. I'd always thought it strange but that's how it works for me, and having discovered my long lost closet full of treasure, I guess it always has.


Tales Of The Red Brigade certainly started out like that. All of the short stories included in the work were written out of order.

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